The Underline


The Underline is a speculative idea to create a 1km long linear park under the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) Viaduct in South Quay, on the Isle of Dogs. The idea was conceived on a rainy site visit when we noticed locals were using the viaduct as a sheltered route to work, even though its alignment took them through a cluttered car park. That was when we saw the potential of creating a park under the viaduct, especially when considering the lack of open space, and quantum of development proposed in the area.

We imagine a park that is simple and flexible allowing existing and new communities to plug in uses and events as the project evolves. The structure of the viaduct will provide the spine to the park, as well as some much need shelter in a city which has an average of 12 rainy days per month. Play is the consistent thread that runs through the projects, offering developers in the area the opportunity to deliver play space their constrained site cannot. Rain water from the viaduct will be directed to the landscape, helping to mitigate runoff, and improve water quality in an area at risk of flooding.

We presented our ideas to the GLA, TFL, and LBTH, and the project was born, helping to inform the GLA’s forthcoming Isle of Dogs and South Poplar Opportunity Area Planning Framework. Watch this space…

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