Frankie Tomany

Frankie joined Spacehub in May 2020 whilst completing her Masters in Landscape Architecture at Greenwich University. She also holds a BA (Hons) in Landscape Architecture and Design from Leeds Beckett University.

Whilst studying, Frankie focused on the role of design in a climate resilient future. Her floating landscapes project, which aimed to help the city of Hull adapt to rising sea levels, won the Gillespies Fraser Teal Award in 2018.

Fascinated by the diversity and adaptability of plant life, Frankie loves finding new ways to incorporate the living palette into her designs. In 2017 she designed and constructed a sculptural exhibit at RHS Chatsworth, which highlighted the importance of wild, natural spaces in the urban environment and the positive impact they make to biodiversity and human well-being.

Frankie brings technical expertise at all work stages to the studio and along with her keen promotion of principles of sustainable design make her a valuable member of the team.