Shopsmart On Redchurch Street shortlist announced

We are very thrilled to see that we’ve been shortlisted from over forty entries for Khaa’s ideas competition for our local Redchurch Street.

Our proposal aims to explore, experiment and expand the boundaries of the traditional shopping street, using technology as a driving force. In a near future, Redchurch Street becomes an interconnected and multidimensional space that allows residents, retailers and landlords to experiment and use the street as a social and retail laboratory – we envision stores collaborating with each other, neighbours organizing events and as a result, a transformation of underutilized buildings, intersections, side walks and facades.

Redchurch Street becomes a digitally integrated, multidimensional space through Weave; an online platform that aims to socially, financially and digitally connect the wide range of stakeholders that live, visit and work on Redchurch Street. Weave allows the different stakeholders to build and foster social and financial connections that benefit neighbors and visitors alike.

The winner will be announced next month. Congratulations to all other finalists!

Click for the full shortlist