London Wall Place Green Walls


London Wall Place will soon be home to one of the largest living green walls in London. At over 500 square metres, the equivalent of one and a quarter football pitches, and reaching up to heights of over 8 metres the living walls will deliver a significant piece of green infrastructure in the City of London. With approximately 70,000 plants and 60 different species, the living walls contribute to biodiversity, helping to keep the air clean and breathable, supporting wildlife and providing a green setting for both the historic remains and new office buildings.

The design of the walls has been carefully developed with the client team and the production nursery. To the North side of the development mixed textures of woodland understory plants have been selected to create a sense of dripping green foliage. Along the high walk mixed textures including strap form and ferns have been selected to reflect the random character of a naturally colonised hedge. Interspersed, ‘Discovery’ species such as wild strawberry, bluebell, primrose, cowslip and seasonal bulbs bring a sense of the rural into the square mile.

A south-facing wall creates a sensory, perfumed facade. Weaving bands of Roman purple emphasised with threads of burnt orange create a tapestry of colour at the entrance to 2 London Wall Place. Climbing species including Clematis jackmanii and Loncicera telmanniana will drip from the upper reaches of the wall while the vivid oranges of Achillea ‘Walther Funke’ and the purple of Campanula portenschlagiana will provide summer vibrancy. Saracococca confusa embellished by Lavandula angustifolia and Thymus vulgaris will provide a year round sensory experience.

The first of the green walls have been pre-grown in the nursery with installation due for early next year.