London Wall Place green walls


The 500sqm of green walls for London Wall Place have been growing well at ANS Global’s nursery. Spring visits showed us Narcissus ‘Tete-a-tete’, Primula veris and Crocus species weaving through the walls followed by the oranges of Erysimum ‘Orange Flame’ and Escholzia californica and purples of Hyacinthoides non-Scripta, Pulmonaria ‘Trevis Fountain’ and Vinca minor Atopurpurea. In addition, the shade tolerant walls have developed to create lush textures with the use of Polypodium vulgare, Saracococca confusa and Hosta ‘Honeybells’ to name a few. The first strawberries, Fragaria vesca have also been spotted. Carefully designed to blend species from one microclimate to the next, while balancing year round interest, no single species dominates but a series of bands of colour and ‘discovery’ species add intrigue and variety. Installation is due this Summer and we look forward to sharing the walls when insitu.

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