GREEN Park(ing)

Welcome! Spacehub goes GREEN for Park(ing) day 2023

What is Park(ing) day?

It is a global, public, participatory project where people across the world temporarily repurpose kerbside parking spaces and convert them into public parks and social spaces to advocate for safer, greener, and more equitable streets for people.

Our Manifesto

We believe in creating people spaces, not car spaces. For one day we will reclaim a slice of kerbside and build a space that welcomes people to sit, socialise, create and relax. We hope to demonstrate the positive impact even the smallest intervention can have on the way we experience our urban environment. Our pop-up parklet occupies two car parking spaces on Calvert Avenue transforming them into plots that prioritise community, plants, and clean air. Come take a seat and enjoy!

We are supported by London Borough of Hackney

We have committed to reducing the dominance of cars on our roads in our transport strategy. Approximately 70% of our residents don’t own a vehicle, yet the kerbside remains dominated by parking. Our valuable kerbside space could instead be used for something to improve the urban realm for all, rather than simply using it for car storage.

Parklets are a means of repurposing a parking space on the street where you live, or near a business premises, for community or business uses rather than for the parking of cars. They can include planters, seating, games, notice boards or anything that collective creativity and inventiveness can come up with.

Keen to create your own? – Find out more about Hackney’s Parklet’s

Big thanks

It takes a team of supporters to create special places for people and nature. We have been supported by:

London Borough of Hackney – Thank you for letting us use the car parks!

Vestre –

Living windows – Hackney City Farm

Tree Musketeers  –

Workspace –

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