Giles Charlton

BA (Hons) Dip LA CMLI

Giles set up Spacehub in 2010, consolidating more than 18 years’ experience of working as a landscape architect delivering a wide range of projects both in the UK and overseas.

He is committed to the principles of collaborative working and creative dialogue, an ethos which underpins the continuing success of the practice. He enjoys a rigorous design process, which combines highly rational and imaginative thinking, to reveal special and appropriate solutions.

Originally trained as furniture maker, Giles’ aspirations are for the practice and its projects to contribute meaningfully and sustainably to the natural and built environment.

Giles is a member of London Borough of Tower Hamlets Conservation and Design Advisory Panel (CADAP).


Tom Smith

BA (Hons) Dip LA

Tom joined Spacehub as a Director in 2013, prior to which he was the creative director of the AECOM Landscape studio in London.

Tom combines creative instincts with strong technical know-how and a proven track record in delivery. Each project is driven by strategic thinking and the desire to unlock its unique narrative.

He brings a rigorous approach to the urban and landscape design process, with more than 17 years’ experience at AECOM and EDAW, across a wide range of scales, disciplines and geographies, working on projects including the winning bid for London 2012, and the landscape design of the Barra Olympic Park for the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Tom lectures at the AA’s Landscape Urbanism Unit in London.

Head of Operations

Fiona Clark

Fiona is a joint founder of Spacehub and now heads up the financial and operational administration of the business.

Her ability to manage the practice’s growing workload and support its core activities and ambition, allows the studio to operate smoothly and efficiently.

An established artist and furniture maker in her own right, Fiona brings an additional capacity to the studio through hands-on making, research, prototyping and model making. Her approach – one of simplicity and functionality complemented by an enjoyment of colour, ornament, materiality and craft – has been integral to the development of Spacehub’s strong office culture and ethos.


Rosie Sargen

BA (Hons) MLA

Rosie joined Spacehub in early 2017, having previously worked at Studio Egret West and LUC.

A talented designer, she likes to draw upon unique site qualities to deliver dynamic landscapes. Rosie is fascinated by planting design and how it can transform urban spaces; her horticultural expertise is combined with enthusiasm for designing playful schemes defined by strong planting characters. In her recent works she has been responsible for the management and delivery of both planning applications and detailed construction packages for Folkestone Seafront and Edward Street Quarter, Brighton. She is also a keen illustrator, using her artistic ability to communicate the experience and atmosphere of a place.

She has previously had her work exhibited in New York and led Spacehub’s winning entry for the City of London’s Culture Mile competition.

Rosie graduated from the University of Sheffield with Distinction in Landscape Architecture.

Senior Landscape Architect

Gea Ferrone

M. Arch.

Gea is an Italian licensed Architect with extensive landscape experience in the United Kingdom, United States, Mexico and India.

She graduated with honours at “La Sapienza” University in Rome, with a thesis in new technologies and sustainability. Her prototype of kinetic façades won the “Sapienza@MakerFaire” award and was exhibited at the 2014 European Maker Faire Edition.

Over the last 5 years she worked in multiple offices in Rome, New York and London, and had the chance to blend her architectural background into Landscape Architecture, delivering recognisable and dynamic design ideas with a creative and sustainable approach.

Senior Landscape Architect

May Jan MacIntyre

May joined Spacehub in 2020 having previously worked in both New Zealand and the UK. She holds a BAS and MLA (Merit) in Landscape Architecture from Victoria University of Wellington.

May brings a wide range of experience to the team having worked on projects from concept to construction, with project lead experience on detailed design and construction packages.

Her approach to design is thoughtful and carefully considered, with a strong desire to create community focused places that are inter-generational and cross-cultural. She has a keen interest in exploring ways to push the boundaries and create innovative and distinctive spaces using sustainable design.

May has previously studied and worked on projects in New Zealand which looked at developing strategies around flood management and wetlands, earthquake resilience in cities, and working with community groups to facilitate design which strengthens communities.

Senior Landscape Architect

Moyang Wang

Moyang is a Chartered Landscape Architect and joined Spacehub in 2021. Before joining Spacehub Moyang previously worked for BDP establishing a diverse portfolio of projects including the R&R of the Palace of Westminster, public realm in Belgravia & Mayfair London.

Moyang obtained his MA of Landscape Architecture from the University of Sheffield in 2014. He pursued an interest of landscape in films and explored different mediums to describe space and nature in his study.

Moyang is committed to explore possibilities of integrating art into creation of meaningful and memorable places which embrace and inspire people from diverse groups and backgrounds with dynamic and sustainable approaches.

Landscape Architect

Cristina Clementel

Cristina joined Spacehub in 2021. She is an Architect and Landscape Architect with experience in professional practice working in Italy and UK. She has a comprehensive skillset gained from leading on complex large scale masterplans as well as a number of smaller projects including commercial courtyards and residential gardens, both within London and elsewhere in the UK. Her portfolio of work includes projects from concept through to construction across these different scales.

Cristina has a special interest in conveying ideas, visions, and analysis through images, in creative and varied ways, and has done it successfully for community engagement
purposes as well as concept designs.

Landscape Architect

Frankie Tomany

BA (Hons) MA

Frankie joined Spacehub in May 2020 whilst completing her Masters in Landscape Architecture at Greenwich University. She also holds a BA (Hons) in Landscape Architecture and Design from Leeds Beckett University.

Whilst studying, Frankie focused on the role of design in a climate resilient future. Her floating landscapes project, which aimed to help the city of Hull adapt to rising sea levels, won the Gillespies Fraser Teal Award in 2018.

Fascinated by the diversity and adaptability of plant life, Frankie loves finding new ways to incorporate the living palette into her designs. In 2017 she designed and constructed a sculptural exhibit at RHS Chatsworth, which highlighted the importance of wild, natural spaces in the urban environment and the positive impact they make to biodiversity and human well-being.

Landscape Architect

Henry Wilson

BA (Hons) MLA

Henry joined Spacehub in June 2020 following completing a Master of Landscape Architecture at Greenwich University. There he earned distinction for his final project exploring air pollution and direct action within Deptford, during which time he enjoyed using multiple mediums to experiment with landscape representations.

All his studies at Greenwich focused on enacting positive environmental and social impacts through the built environment and behaviours within it. A developing passion about the natural world was solidified when working on ecological habitat projects in Colombia, which lead him to landscape design following studying Architecture at Leicester School of Architecture (BA) in 2013. Since graduating he worked at Spacelab assisting on workplace interior and spatial analysis projects and later Pilbrow & Partners, as an architectural assistant working on residential and commercial projects during stages 0-3.

Landscape Architect

Alice Salvetti

Alice joined Spacehub in January 22 having graduated from the Universita’ degli Studi di Firenze with a Master’s degree in Architecture in December 2018.

During her studies she developed a deep engagement for the relationship that occurs between space and nature, summarising this interest in her final project ‘Temenos’.
Just after graduating she started working in several Landscape architecture and garden design practices both in Italy and the UK where she gained a strong planting knowledge as well as visualization and 3D modeling skills.

Alice is committed to bring her aesthetic sensibility in every project with a very attentive and thoughtful design approach.

Assistant Landscape Architect

Jack Summerhayes

Jack joined Spacehub in October 2020 having graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Scottish Masters in Landscape Architecture. Whilst there, he actively pursued study and working abroad, firstly in Berlin. He was responsible for delivering proposals in international competitions, working for Topotek1 and also for managing the research of in-house publications.

Shortly after, he received the Landscape Institute Travel award to study the shrinking cities of the United States and began research into social inclusive practices across vacant and derelict land in Detroit and Glasgow.

Informed by his previous experiences abroad in exploring participatory planning approaches toward design, Jack is committed to using design as a tool for communicating socio-ecological dynamics in a changing world. He is particularly interested in the ways information and cultural memory are expressed through the physical landscape and materiality.

Landscape Architect

Jessica Beattie

BA (Hons) Dip LA CMLI

Jessica Beattie has played an integral role to Spacehub since its inception in 2010. A former Director at Lovejoy with over 25 years’ experience in the industry, Jessica brings a depth of expertise and range of skills to the studio. Jessica has particular experience in mixed-use developments, green infrastructure, community infrastructure and commercial development within the City of London. She is member of Trees and Design Action Group (TDAG) and trustee of Bankside Open Spaces Trust.
Jessica currently leads our team for the delivery of London Wall Place.

Landscape Architect + Garden Designer

Patrick Collins

BA (Hons) Dip LA CMLI

Patrick is a highly accomplished designer with a reputation for creating unique and beautiful landscapes both in the UK and overseas. A landscape architect with over 25 years’ experience in private sector development he is also a four times Gold Medal Winner at the Chelsea Flower Show. Patrick’s creative talent and particular horticultural expertise is an invaluable asset to the Spacehub studio. Recent projects on which Patrick has been advising include Caring Wood, a Code level 6 private residence in Kent.


Gary Grant

Gary Grant is a renowned independent ecologist with over 30 years’ of experience, including large scale projects such as the London 2012 Olympic Park. His current emphasis is collaborating with organisations on green infrastructure planning and climate change adaptation projects. Gary has been a consultant to Spacehub since 2014 contributing his particular expertise in building integrated vegetation. His recent publications include ‘Ecosystem Services Come to Town: Greening Cities by Working with Nature’ by Wiley.


Liz Powell


Liz is an ecologist with specialist knowledge in habitat assessment, enhancement and creation. She promotes integrated ecological thinking within the studio from early design stages through to delivery of projects on site. Working with British Flora, Atkins and now as a consultant she has over 9 years’ experience in co-ordinating ecological projects, undertaking ecological surveys and mitigation and writing technical reports. Her enthusiasm and experience provides a key resource and additional expertise to the Spacehub team.

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Giles Charlton Director

Tom Smith Director

Fiona Clark Head of Operations

Rosie Sargen Associate

Gea Ferrone Senior Landscape Architect

May Jan MacIntyre Senior Landscape Architect

Moyang Wang Senior Landscape Architect

Cristina Clementel Landscape Architect

Frankie Tomany Landscape Architect

Henry Wilson Landscape Architect

Alice Salvetti Landscape Architect

Jack Summerhayes Assistant Landscape Architect

Jessica Beattie Landscape Architect

Patrick Collins Landscape Architect + Garden Designer

Gary Grant Ecologist

Liz Powell Ecologist

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